Tu Hoang parttime Ruby dev, fulltime Bun Rieu maniac


My name is Tu Hoang. I crack awkward jokes when I’m nervous.

Update (June/04/2017):

My current work placement is at getvero.com. I wear multiple hats at the organization, but a major chunk of my time is to come up with kool aid numbers (ie: how we load 500 containers at peak time, automated, without on-call noticing), then quickly forget about them. Cause, you know, there’s always the Next Thing™, and there’s too much to learn.

I’m always happy to share what I have learnt, with occassional speaking and consulting gigs I take on the side.

I now preside over a coffee farm off Southern Viet Nam. Closest airport is some 90 kilometers away. Viettel 4G is at 23 Mbps. The expresso manual I’m reading might take me more than my college years to go through. I’m struggling to reach my Goodreads goal but am always ready to take in suggestions.

All in all, alles gut.

I'm working worked at Bulletproof Networks in the R&D team. I helped maintain the in-house CRM application behind the fleet of instances that Bulletproof helps our clients manage. Lately Bulletproof has been shifting our focus into debulking the monolithic Rails app to microservices, which so far has yielded a lot of interesting challenges. Part of the reason I set up this blog is to share my findings along the journey.

I’ve devoted most of my weekends in recent years to building charity-map.org, a platform for doing charitable work in Viet Nam (we have a crowdfunding site at the front and an API at the back that allows business merchants to be involved with causes).

I’m also into traveling. Lately I’ve found myself trying to steer away from crowded (yet nevertheless interesting) cities; and expose myself more to nature. I’m planning on a trip to Ladakh July 2015 (three weeks); if you happen to be around at that time, let’s travel along even for just a few days?

You can find me via Twitter or go through my projects on Github.